Holiday Home Show and Happiness

Yesterday afternoon my mom hosted a home show with my jewelry (and some blankets made by my sister) at her house. Sadly, my camera batteries and the backup batteries I had were dead so I do not have any photos to show for it! We sent out 100 invitations, so we thought we would at least have one or two people. In the end, we didn’t have a huge crowd, but we had a comfortable number of visitors. It was nice because their timing was spread out just enough for me to be able to talk to each of them and get to know them a little. I’m so thankful for all of the ladies who showed up and really had a wonderful day.

Before I left to go to my parents’ house yesterday morning, I was really concerned about having enough jewelry if 100 people actually showed up, but at the same time, I was concerned about people actually showing up, period. My wonderful husband, Ethan, kindly reminded me that it shouldn’t matter how many people show up as long as I have fun. He said “if it stops being fun, then you need to stop doing it.” You know, most women hate to admit their husbands are right, but I know mine usually is and he was. If nothing else, I had an excuse to spend the day with my mom and my sister. Even if we had not had any visitors, we had some great conversations. Because we had visitors, Maggie learned to write up a sales receipt (I’m a little OCD so I have a system and she got it right!) so it was a positive experience, a fun experience, and a learning experience all in one.


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