First Show of 2011

I recently realized it has been awhile since I posted anything here. I need to get better about this. With that thought came the question “What should I write?” I thought about writing about color, but I’m not quite ready for that one. I thought about writing another sweet story about people who keep me plugging away with what I do, but I’m waiting for the perfect moment for that one. I think I’m going to write about what I’m thinking about…my first show of the year.

Two weeks ago, my sister kindly reminded me that our first show was in two weeks. That reminder stopped me in my tracks. Today, I am happy to share, we have since survived the show and it was a great day, even in the rain.

I think craft shows to me are sort of like opening night to a stage performer. You never know who will show up, what will go right (or wrong), or what you’ll forget. Then in spite of it all, you take a deep breath because even though it stresses you out at times, you can’t convince yourself to give it up. While I was doing my taxes this winter, I considered getting rid of it all, then yesterday, I could not have imagined it any other way. I love talking with people and hearing their stories. I love to hear “Now this is unlike anything I’ve seen before” meant in a positive way. I love when children run up to my stand shouting “Mommy, buy this because it’s pretty!” A little boy did that yesterday with the necklace below.

This necklace is made with glass beads. It is a bold orange color (think of a traffic cone). This necklace is one of the reasons I do what I do. Orange is not exactly my color, but I love this necklace because there is an element of fun about it. I love the bright color and the way it stands out against anything. When I wear bold pieces like this, it brightens my day, my mood, my everything. Most women think they are simple, elegant jewelry people. It’s fun to see them try a bolder piece and realize that it works.

With that thought in mind, I think I just might go have some fun. Thanks for reading!


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