A little looking goes a long way

For starters, as much as I love accessories and jewelry, I have very poor color coordination. I am better with straight metal and I am planning on pushing my business that way in the future. Luckily, I have been blessed with a husband who has an incredible sense of color coordination due to his art and auto body background. Most of my pieces are monochrome because I have trouble visualizing which colors work well together and which colors are overkill together. For this reason, I often take pieces to my husband before putting them together and ask for his opinion on them. He is wonderful with his advice for colors and also for layouts. A perfect example of this is a necklace I made with bright orange beads. When I asked him what he thought of it, he said the orange was too overpowering and I needed to mix another color in. I showed him what I had and he picked out light green beads. I put the green in and have received many compliments on this piece.

Because I have several craft shows coming up, I’m trying to boost my jewelry inventory by using as many of the materials I have on hand as possible. Last night, I showed my husband what I have in my jewelry inventory and what I have in my supply inventory. I asked what he thought I needed more of in the jewelry inventory. I was expecting him to suggest a color, but he said I needed more pieces that were primarily metal. This excited me because it is what I like, but I questioned it because that is not what the Fall/Winter fashion trend pages are saying. They are pushing multi-strand, big, chunky, and funky. My husband asked what women around this area wear and I realized they primarily wear simple and elegant pieces of jewelry. He suggested I watch what women wear more than look at what the trends dictate. Ya know what? I did some looking today and he’s right. One strand, simple, primarily metal pieces are what my target market is wearing. Lesson learned! A little looking goes a long way.

Now, with that said, what are your jewelry preferences? One strand, simple, and elegant, or several strands and/or chunky?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your feedback!