You’re My Inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration? From people? From your surroundings or your interests? I suppose you are asking, “My inspiration for what?” Any inspiration is good, so your “what” can be anything you want it to be as long as you are inspired.

I was recently reading an interview with a jewelry designer who was asked where she found her inspiration for the piece of jewelry which was being featured in the article. The piece was a 3-strand bracelet made with amazonite and sterling silver. Amazonite is an aqua colored stone which was named not because it was found in the Amazon River, but because many other stones that were similar in color were found in that area. The designer said her inspiration for the piece came from a recent trip to the beach. The aqua color of the amazonite captured the ocean’s color and the multi strands reminded her of the waves. I saw where she was coming from, and I wondered if I would have put that idea together while looking at the ocean. I don’t know if I can honestly say I have ever found my inspiration for a jewelry design by looking at something in nature. Maybe I should try this, especially considering my preference for natural gemstones.

That said, where does my inspiration come from? As I have mentioned before, I believe in simple elegance, so a lot of my inspiration comes from traditional jewelry pieces, especially pieces I see in antique stores. I enjoy the time periods where dressing up was about elegance and simplicity with a little bit of “wow.” My hope is to create pieces that are appropriate for work, and then can be worn for a night out. With this thought in mind, much of my inspiration comes down to simple creativity. I buy materials that seem to have the potential to make pretty pieces. Then I take several materials, lay them out on my desk and piece them together like a puzzle. Not all of the materials will fit into the puzzle, and I might pull others out from storage, but eventually, I reach my “ah-ha” moment. Take this bracelet:

I had several of these autumn jasper pebbles and I could not figure out how I wanted to use them. I decided I wanted to make something with them because the colors reminded me of spring. After laying them out across my desk, I decided I would make a simple bracelet that would go great with a pretty little sundress this spring or summer. I laid the stones out on my desk and then started to add silver, then took away some silver, then added other silver until I got the balance just right. I feel it really captures the simple elegance I strive for and is perfect for warmer weather. Maybe I will even make a necklace to match!

So as far as where my inspiration comes from, I’d rather rely on simple creativity and ideas that hit me at a moment’s notice. Now, what about you? Where does your inspiration come from?


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