Face Shapes

Did you know your face has a shape? Stand in front of a mirror and check it out. Pull your hair back so you can clearly see the edges of your face. With your finger, trace the outline of your face on the mirror. This might not give you a perfect shape, but it will give you an idea of the shape of your face. Keep in mind, your face shape can change over time based on health and weight. The typical shapes are oval, round, heart (or an inverted triangle), triangle, oblong (or rectangular), square, and diamond. Let’s explore the jewelry that is right for your face shape.


Oval faces are fairly universal and can wear almost any style when it comes to necklaces and earrings. The key is to keep it in proportion to your size. If you have longer neck, shorter necklaces and chokers can work well on you, while longer necklaces can lengthen the torso. Soft and curving shapes are best for oval faces and these can include pearls, ribbons, and round beads. When it comes to earrings, long earrings can also lengthen the face and might not be as appropriate for an oval face as shorter earrings. Again, look for the soft and curving shapes such as hoops or circles.


When it comes to round faces, lengthening the look of your face is the key. Try longer necklaces that draw the eyes down instead of using short necklaces that are closer to your face. Large focal components which draw attention below the neckline are also helpful in creating a longer appearance.  As far as earrings, these should also be longer and used to lengthen the look of your face. Strong vertical lines are especially helpful and can show up in long dangles and chandeliers. Long angular designs also work well.

Heart (Inverted Triangle)

In contrast to the round faces, heart-shaped faces are better complemented by shorter necklaces, especially if they include round details. This will help make the chin appear a little softer and more rounded. Using larger round beads or a large focal at the base of your neck can also help break up the strong jaw line appearance. If you want a longer necklace, try one that is long enough to wrap around your neck a couple of times before letting the remainder of the length hang down. For earrings, try something fan-shaped and avoid anything long and thin. The trick is to add a little width around your chin line to round out your face shape a bit.


Triangle-shaped faces need to wear jewelry that will soften their strong jaw line. Longer necklaces (at least 18 to 20 inches) are ideal for this because they will lengthen the appearance of the face. A single large focal component on a necklace can also be used to draw attention downward which lengthens the appearance of the face. For your earrings, go the opposite route of the heart-shaped face and choose earrings that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Smaller and shorter earrings are much better for triangle-shaped faces than long earrings.

Oblong (Rectangular)

It might be a little difficult to tell the difference between and oblong face and an oval face. The oblong face is a little wider at the top and bottom than the oval face. With that in mind, the jewelry styles that are best for oblong-shaped faces are the same as those which are best for the oval-shaped faces. Choose shorter lengths in your necklaces because they will make your face not appear quite as long. Large focal components can add length to your face, so you want to stay away from these. If you want something larger and bolder, use earrings for this. Larger earrings, especially earrings with round shapes and curves, will help to make your face not appear quite as long and will round it out nicely.


Square-shaped faces are similar to round-shaped faces in the fact that they need to have length added to them, but they need to have their lines softened at the same time. Longer necklaces are best for square-shaped faces. The necklaces should form a U-shape instead of a V-shape in the center to help round out the corners of the face a little and that U-shape should be a little below the neckline to help visually lengthen the face. Round shapes and components are best in necklaces for square-shaped faces. Those round shapes should continue into the earrings for square-shaped faces as well. Long and narrow earrings will really help add visual length to your face and help to round it out a little.


Diamond-shaped faces are very similar to oval-shaped faces, but they need to have their angles softened a bit. Most necklace styles work well with diamond-shaped faces as long as the necklace is in proportion to the person wearing it. To help soften the angles in the face, use necklaces with curving shapes and shorter lengths. When it comes to earrings for diamond-shaped faces, wear pieces that add width at the jaw line, especially if they are fan-shaped or teardrop-shaped verses being triangle-shaped. If you are looking for a more dramatic appearance, angular necklaces and earrings can be worn and they will bring more emphasis to the angles in your face.


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