A New Project!

I find I am at my best when I am constructing things with my hands. Sure there are days when whatever I am working on might make me scream, but I am still better at constructing than I am at anything else. I am also willing to try anything that involves being created by hand, from jewelry (as you have seen), to sewing, to food, and even woodworking.

That said, I have gone a little out of my usual this week and have been working on fabric items, specifically handbags. My jewelry is with a professional photographer right now, so I decided I wanted to work on something different for a change of scenery. I have a lot of fabric scraps from various projects I’ve done, so I decided to put them to use and make small handbags, which I will either put on my Etsy site when I get it running, or have at craft shows in addition to the jewelry.

The first bag I made was a reversible tote. It took a few tries since it’s been quite some time since I have been behind the sewing machine, but I think it turned out pretty cute. The orange side has two pockets, front and back.

I really like this style and I think I’m going to end up doing a few of them. I’m not 100% sure about them not being closed at the top, but I like the fact that since they aren’t closed, they are reversible. It gives you two bags for the price of one!

Then I found some smaller pieces of fabric and decided to make clutches. I love this concept, but they were not as easy as I thought they would be. Zippers and I do not get along. In the end, I think they look pretty good. They are big enough for a small wallet and a cell phone.

There is also a mini tote hanging there. It has two pockets on the inside, but it is not reversible. It’s the perfect size for a small grab-and-go bag or a purse for a little girl.

I have some other fabric pieces of various sizes and I think I will try to do a few more clutches and a few more totes. I am hoping to do at least one matching set with a clutch and a tote. Then you can carry your phone and money in the clutch and have the tote for your purchases (save a plastic bag!).



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