I need help!

Did I get your attention? That’s good because I have a problem. I actually come across this problem pretty frequently, but I think this is the worst case so far. Here’s the issue, the longer I am in business making jewelry, the better I get. “Practice makes perfect.” You are wondering how this is a problem, aren’t you? This idea in itself isn’t a problem, but the fact that I am now making pieces I used to dream of making and I’m falling in love with them is a problem. Follow?

Generally, I can make another one for myself if I really want to. Then I can sell one and keep one. It might pose a problem if the piece is made from materials which I might not be able to purchase again. These are true one-of-a-kind pieces, also referred to as “OOAK” on some online sites.

Okay, it’s story time…

Last weekend my husband and I went to York, PA to explore a few stores. Of course we had to stop at my newest favorite bead shop ArtFX and Beadz (http://www.artfxandbeads.com) . I had some sterling silver chain I wanted to use with a few stones spaced out on it like large links, but I needed to find stones. I also wanted something colorful for spring. Thankfully, I had my resident color expert (a.k.a. my husband) with me and he picked out some pretty aqua colored stones. He also thought the cut of the stones would make the piece really stand out. They are “faceted nuggets”, which means they are irregularly shaped, but they have smooth cut sides on them. So I combined these stones and the chain, and this is the result:


I think he made a great choice! I love the color and the cut of these stones. I love it so much I don’t want to give it up. I can always buy more wire and chain, but I can only hope they have more of these stones at the store. Now that I think about it, I think they had some short strands of them (I bought these individually). Hmmm… I might need to go back to ArtFX and Beadz soon. I think these would look really pretty in a bracelet, too.

Do you create things? Have you ever wanted to keep something you made for someone else, if so, what was it? Did you make another one for yourself?

Thanks for reading!



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