My Etsy site is up and running

It’s a big news day…my Etsy “shop” is up and running! Now you can add Gretchen Smith Jewelry to your collection no matter where you are!

Go check it out…

What is Etsy you ask? Etsy is an online marketplace for handcrafted and vintage items. In addition to handcrafted jewelers like me, there are sewers, knitters, painters, and a wide variety of vintage items ranging from decorative items to clothing and shoes. You purchase the items through the sellers “shops.” My Etsy “shop” is set up to accept PayPal as the only form of payment and this is for your financial security as well as my own. You will need to sign up for an Etsy account and a PayPal account to purchase from my Etsy store. If you have any questions about either of these, please ask me!

While you’re on Etsy, don’t forget to check out all of the other talented artisans!

If you are more comfortable seeing the items in person, I will continue to be at local (local to South Central Pennsylvania) craft shows. Also, if you live in the Hershey, Lebanon, or Lancaster areas, we might be able to arrange a home show/party in your home and you can purchase jewelry there.

While I’m posting about my other sites…please join me on Facebook at: .

Thanks for checking out my other sites and thank you for reading here today!


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