How I destress

I’ll admit I’ve been a funk the past few days. We all go through those, right? Days when we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere, when we’re feeling unmotivated, and the like. The one thing that often helps me is creating jewelry. I might not be a fan of the other aspects of running a business (the paperwork, the taxes, etc), but the joy I get out of creating a pretty piece of jewelry makes everything worthwhile. So, I decided to sit in my “studio” and give it a whirl. I cranked up some classical music (it’s great for thinking), pulled out some sterling silver wire and some moonstone pebbles and went to town. Here is the result:

I think I accomplished my goal of breaking my funk. This bracelet measures 7-1/2” long. My skin is a little pale for the white, but it’ll make a great summer piece.

Now for the stone. Moonstone.

Moonstone comes from the feldspar mineral group and is found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India. It is the state gem for Florida, although it is not found in Florida. It is also not found on the moon. When the Greeks and Romans looked at moonstone, they thought it was born from the moon because the visual effect is has reminded them of the moon.

That visual effect is called adularescence, which comes from the floating light that appears to come from below the surface of the stone. This is due to the way light reflects off of the layers within the stone. Some stones have a white light while others have either a blue or an orange light. The stones in this bracelet have a blue light, although I was not able to get my camera to pick it up.

If you are interested in the metaphysical properties of gemstones, moonstone has several. It is believed to bring good fortune to its wearer and is thought of as a stone of protection. It is also thought to fight against obesity and to calm emotions.

Have you ever seen moonstone? Were you able to see the adularescence? If not and you are in the Lancaster County, PA, area come out and check out this pretty new bracelet this spring. You can see my upcoming schedule on my new website: Gretchen Smith Jewelry. Just go to the “Find Jewelry” link at the top of the page. Thanks for reading!



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