Better Late Than Never – An Introduction

Better Late Than Never!

Hello! First, I want to say thank you to all of you who regularly read my posts. It means more than I can express. Second, I recently realized I have written all of these posts and never introduced myself. How rude of me!

My name is Gretchen Smith and I am a construction designer by day and a jewelry designer by night. Construction designer meaning I draw the plans for a residential remodeling company. I suppose the jewelry designer part is self-explanatory. I have been interested in designing and creating jewelry since I was young and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to move forward with my passion.

In 2008, I decided to move my jewelry designing from a hobby to a business. I enjoyed creating beautiful pieces for friends and family so much that I wanted to share it with others around me, too. I really thought I would always keep Gretchen Smith Jewelry as a small side-line business, but as time goes on and the business grows, I am feeling my calling to do more with jewelry. I am currently working on a certification through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which will help me dive further into the world of jewelry and gemstones.

At this time, my jewelry primarily revolves around sterling silver and gemstone beads. My goal for 2012 is to begin creating more wire and metal pieces. This will give me the opportunity to create true one-of-a-kind pieces and develop my own style. My hope is to continue creating jewelry that is affordable for every woman because I believe all women should have at least one piece of stand-out jewelry.

If you have not checked out my other sites, please feel free to do so

Gretchen Smith Jewelry

Gretchen Smith Etsy Site

If you have any questions about any pieces, please ask me. I love working with clients on the creation of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and also jewelry sets for bridal parties.

Okay, now I feel better. I really did feel guilty when I realized I never introduced myself.  Thank you for reading!

Photo courtesy of Len Bodnar

P.S. If you are in the Lancaster area this Saturday, June 9th, I will be participating in the Lititz AMBUCS Art and Craft Show in Lititz Springs Park. The show runs from 9:00AM until 4:00PM. Come on out and visit me!


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