Channeling Your Inner Child

This is from one of my favorite vintage bloggers Sammy Davis Vintage. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as my brother, my husband, and I are each trying to reach one of our dreams right now.

“Ever ask a group of 6-year-olds “Who can sing?” Most of them will raise their hands with a resounding yes!

Ask that same question to the same children when they’re 12 years old, and watch that ratio drop in half. By the time they’re 16, only a fraction truly believe that “they can sing” — even if at 6, they had answered “yes.”

As we age, we become more jaded and hardened to life’s possibilities. We forget to dream without inhibition. That’s why I think it’s important we channel our inner child as much as possible, because the child within reminds us that anything is possible.”


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