Fall 2012 Trends

I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful holiday. I’ll admit, with the holiday in the middle of the week, I feel as though I’m back at Monday all over again. Because of this, I found myself needing some motivation so I thought I would start writing. We’ll see where it goes.

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is fall trends. Maybe it has to do with the heat…I’m trying to think about cooler temperatures. I’m good between 60-degrees and 85-degrees, but 90-odd with full humidity is getting to me (no, I don’t have air conditioning).

 So, here we go. The one thing I find interesting in the fashion industry is that it works at least one season, if not two, in advance. Calls have to be made now for what will be hot or not this fall and winter. I find this to be an interesting concept. I’m not sure how much of this is a predication of what will be hot or not, and how much is the industry telling us this is what will be hot for the upcoming season.

 One of the items it looks like we’re going to see is more silver. With the rise of precious metal prices, gold is starting to move out of reach. Silver can also go modern or traditional and from what I am reading, sculpted silver (a more modern look) is going to be in this fall. Think wider cuff and bangle bracelets, and shorter necklaces with statement focals. Also chunky chain is going to be in.

 When looking at earrings, I’m finding predictions of long and skinny earrings as well as modified hoops. Modified hoops include gemstones, or the metal is squiggly verses the traditional smooth circular hoop. Be careful with long and skinny earrings. If your face is oval or rectangular shaped, long and skinny earrings can make your face look longer and will not complement you well.

 It seems there is more metal than color in the fall 2012 predictions for jewelry. Part of this might have something to do with the warmth of metal and the fact that color is normally thought of as a spring/summer trend. I’m also wondering if it’s a reflection of the simpler styles we’re seeing across the board. Metal jewelry can be bold while staying simple.

 As far as colors, light, flesh tones are supposed to be big this fall. This is interesting to me because I usually think of dark colors (maroon, burgundy, forest green…) as fall colors. The flesh tones will balance these darker colors well. These colors include white, cream, and dusty rose.

 Retro-inspired jewelry is also supposed to stay in vogue through the cooler months. Not the bright colors, but bold, geometric patterns, door knocker earrings, collar necklaces, and enameled colors and patterns. I’ll be curious to see how long the retro-inspired fashions stick around. They seem to be very popular right now, but there are always some people (like me) who have a soft spot for those styles and use them as everyday pieces instead of just what is in style.

 The last prediction I’m finding for fall jewelry is natural styles. These have been around for awhile, but they only seem to be hitting with certain people. I have a few pieces of wood jewelry I’ve made and most ladies say they can’t pull it off. The wood pieces I make are simpler in style and I think most women can pull it off with little effort. The beauty of it is you can get a chunky piece of jewelry without the weight. Earthy colors, leaf and flower motifs, animal prints and suede cord will add to the natural styles of jewelry.

 There you have it, the Gretchen Smith Jewelry whirlwind of fall 2012 jewelry fashions. I’ll be curious to see what ends up actually being in style. I know a lot has to do with where you live. In the area where I live, it’s hard to break women out of their molds. They usually stick with the simple jewelry and are not always wearing what the fashion indicators say is in vogue. Because of this, I encourage you to break out of your shell and go try something different. Don’t go overboard if you aren’t comfortable, but push your comfort zone a little. You never know, you might have fun with it.

 Thanks for reading!


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