Some Pearly Creativity

I think I previously mentioned my love of pearl jewelry, if not, I love pearl jewelry. I love how diverse it can be, simple, traditional, or modern. And the white pearls go with just about anything in your wardrobe as long as the styles match. Without really trying, I went on a pearl kick over the past week or so, and I thought I would share my results.

This first necklace was created with freshwater pearls and sterling silver components strung on a leather cord. I saw a similar idea at my local bead shop, but I created my own version of it. This is a great jeans and t-shirt necklace, but the pearls dress it up a little.

I designed these earrings to match the necklace above. I always sell my pieces separately so people can mix and match or not feel locked into sets if they don’t want them, but I think these two are a great set to keep on hand. The earrings alone can work with about anything you can think of. (Yes, the earrings hang on an angle.)

I think I showed off the earrings that match this necklace previously. I made a set of these earrings and necklace for my mom so I thought I would add the necklace to the earrings I had as well. Again, it is perfect for dressing up or down. It is simple and elegant, yet it’s different enough to create its own little “oohs and ahhs”

Lastly, this is my pride and joy. I have wanted to create a straight strand of pearls for quite some time, so I finally created it. At some point I will create earrings to match it, if it doesn’t sell first. This necklace is 32-inches long, which is long enough to create a nice dramatic effect without getting in the way if you wear it as a single strand, or you can wrap it around your neck twice and get a double-stranded choker look. Both looks are very traditional and elegant, yet they can have a modern flare to them at the same time.


Side story…

For those who don’t know, I have a mannequin head which I use at shows.  At my last show, a gentleman asked me (with a slight laugh in his voice), “Does she have a name?” I responded, “Yes, her name is Pearl.” He looked a little surprised (I’m guessing he thought I was too old to name dolls). I continued, “It is easier to ask ‘Where is Pearl?’ than to ask ‘Where is the mannequin?’” With that, he nodded and continued on his way. I reference that because I used Pearl to take these photos (even though you can’t see her face). That makes these pearls on Pearl.


Anyway…thank you for stopping by!


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