American Made Components

After my previous post on American Made items, I had an epiphany and I think I’m going to jump on a new (or revived) trend.

There seems to be an interesting, almost underground, movement toward buying items that are made in America. They are generally regarded as being better quality, but if nothing else, it’s keeping jobs in America in a time when a lot of people do not have jobs. For a long time, it didn’t seem as though most people looked at the tags on items before buying the items, but now the tags are becoming important. People are beginning to see that American made does matter.

In my previous post, I made mention of the group American Made Matters, which was founded by the president of the Bollman Hat Company. My post caught their attention and they posted a link to it on their Facebook page. I felt honored! Through their page, someone saw my post and asked me if my components are made in America. I felt terrible admitting that hardly any, if any, of my components are made in America. This guilty feeling inspired me to do some research.

Because most gemstones are mined and manufactured overseas, I assumed most jewelry components came from overseas. After a quick Google search, I was proven incorrect. It seems most jewelry components do come from overseas, but there are a few that are made in America. Most of what I found to be made in America was metal components and glass beads. I found very few gemstones from America and the stones I did find were expensive (beautiful, but expensive). Even though I didn’t find many stones, I still felt inspired by my findings.

This could tie in well for what I plan to do with my jewelry business over the next year or so. I plan on moving into more metal working with not as much emphasis on beads. This is perfect because I can get American made metal to make my jewelry pieces. Then I can have American made components in American made finished products! I like this idea.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you lean toward an American made product over an imported one when you can? Or does a product’s country of origin not make a difference to you? Whatever your thoughts are, I’m still glad you stopped by! Thanks for reading!


As a  side note, if you haven’t checked out my Esty site lately, I recently added several new items. The components might not be all American made, but the jewelry pieces themselves are constructed in America! Gretchen Smith Jewelry’s Etsy Shop Don’t forget, the holidays will be here before we know it and handcrafted items make unique gifts!


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