The Warmth of Autumn

I think my calendar is incorrect. It says we only have today and tomorrow and then August is complete. We can’t be at the end of the summer yet. We just celebrated Memorial Day, I’m sure of it!

Okay, so I know *technically* we will still have 21 more days of summer after September starts, but once Labor Day hits, I think it’s safe to admit we all start thinking the summer is over. As I was going for my walk this morning it sure felt like summer was over…it was chilly!

Something I find interesting about autumn is how many people think they can no longer wear jewelry after the weather grows cooler. For some reason there is a misconception that jewelry is only for warm weather. If anything, I think I like jewelry a little more in autumn and winter than I do in spring and summer because it’s a great way to escape the winter doldrums with a little creativity and color.

Generally, when we think of autumn, we think of darker colors. Not darker colors in a depressing way, but darker as in warmer. Burgundy, deep reddish-orange, forest green, chocolate brown and the like are usually regarded as autumn colors. Luckily, I have two pieces (both with matching earrings of course) that I think would be perfect accessories for your favorite autumn outfit. As an added bonus, they are on the longer side so they should fit over a turtleneck.

The first necklace is made of sterling silver and red jasper beads. For the record, I love jasper because it comes in a wide variety of colors and it is a fairly hard stone so it is great for jewelry. I think the deep red of this stone is perfect for autumn and can easily go right into the winter months. What’s even better is it can come back out in the spring and summer with your little black dress. What do you think of it?

If you want to know more about this little beauty, please check it out on my Etsy site: Red Jasper Necklace at Gretchen Smith Jewelry

The earrings should be listed soon!

Next up is one of my favorite necklaces. Again we have jasper, but this time it’s leopardskin jasper. The stones are spotted in a pattern similar to that of a leopard’s skin. I love the colors in these stones because they can match just about anything perfectly since there are so many different colors. The suede cord adds a relaxed feel, yet it can be a dressy necklace. I think the suede also adds a warmth to the piece making it great for a day in front of the fireplace. What do you think of this one?

If you want to know more about this gorgeous piece, please check it out on my Etsy site: Leopardskin Jasper Necklace at Gretchen Smith Jewelry If you really fall in love with this piece, I even have earrings to go along with it! They can be found here: Leopardskin Jasper Earrings at Gretchen Smith Jewelry

I just read something about how the word autumn begins with “ah…” To a lot of people, there is something relaxing about autumn that makes you sit back surrounded by colorful leaves and say “ah…”  I’m not a fan of cold weather, but there is something about autumn I enjoy. I find it to be a time of unwinding more so than the summer when it seems we are constantly on the go. It’s also a great time for baking…but more about that later! Let’s go enjoy the warmth outside while we’ve got it. Thanks for stopping by!


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