Defining Metaphysical Properties

If you have been following along with my writings, you know that each month this year I have written about that month’s birthstone. With each of these stones, I have mentioned what are called metaphysical properties.  Another way to look at this concept is to call them supernatural properties. They are properties of a stone that are not part of its physical attributes. Examples of this include the ability to bring peace, wellness, or protection to a person who is wearing the stone. This concept goes back in time as far as any records which have been found.


I recently received a publication from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which discusses this concept and it prompted me to write about it here. According to the article, people have believed in the metaphysical properties of stones since at least 4,000 B.C, and perhaps even before then. Many people today believe these ideas are simply folklore and do not follow them anymore, but I have run into some folks who swear by wearing a certain stone for the properties it holds.


The article goes on to explain that the Medieval Europeans and Indians believed that certain gemstones cured illnesses, while the Chinese believed that the stones could lengthen the wearer’s life. From what I have read, these concepts were not limited to just a few stones; almost every stone had some type of power.


Gemstones were and are usually used for balance and healing of different areas. The three general areas they covered were the mind, the body, and life overall. I have done a little research on these concepts and here are the areas that are affected by metaphysical properties and some stones that influence them:



Amethyst is thought to be able to dissipate evil thoughts and bring on feelings of calmness to the wearer.


Garnet is thought to help with the treatment of depression.


Onyx is thought to help its wearer move beyond bad relationships or help him or her to have strength against criticism.



Citrine is thought to relieve back pain and help with digestive system problems in its wearer.


Pearls are believed to help the wearer’s hormones to become in balance with lunar cycles.


Peridot is thought to ward off nightmares.




Amazonite is thought to sooth tense situations and enhance love between people.


Emerald is thought to protect lovers from unfaithfulness and also provide optimism in a person’s dreams.


Garnet is also thought to be beneficial in providing personal and business success.


One note about all of this information: Please do not take any of this as fact or medically researched information. These are simply beliefs that have been passed down through the ages and are not meant to treat medical conditions.


While the metaphysical properties of gemstones can be questioned, it is interesting to see what people have come to believe each stone is capable of doing. The only thing I know for sure, is when I wear a piece of beautiful gemstone jewelry, I feel much better about myself and my outlook on the day.


I hope you have found this as interesting to read as I found it to research. If you have any thoughts or questions, please let me know!


Thanks for stopping by!



GIA Distance Education Quarterly. Fall 2012: Balance Issue. Balance and the Magic of Gems.


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