It’s American Craft Week!

If you have been following along with my blog, you know I’m hooked on the idea of American-made items. In light of this, a few days ago I received an article from my great-aunt about some local American-made artisan shops and it also discussed American Craft Week. I had never heard of this, so I decided to look into it. Here’s what I found:


American Craft Week runs from October 5-14, 2012, which just happens to be the same week as the Lititz Artisans’ Porchwalk craft show I’m participating in. You can read more about that here: Lititz Artisans’ Porchwalk Show. At first I thought maybe the Porchwalk was scheduled during this week intentionally, but I can’t find how long American Craft week has been going on, but I know the Porchwalk has been going for 14 years.


According to the American Craft Week website (, this is a time to celebrate the artisan talents within this great nation. There are thousands of talented artisans out there who share their creative side with others as they produce hand-made decorative and functional objects every day. However, in our rush-around society, we often overlook the time and talent that goes into each of these items and we find ourselves leaning toward cheaper, and often, imported goods. In reality, these handcrafted items can enrich our lives, our surroundings, our history, and our economy. (I’m not sure which of those is more important some days.)


American Craft Week is spearheaded by an organization called Craft Retailers & Artists for Tomorrow (CRAFT). This is an association of galleries, shops, schools, and artists who are dedicated to promoting items which are handmade in America.


There are events going on throughout the nation during American Craft Week. Some are with retailers, some are artisans, and perhaps you can even find some classes. Here is a link to a list of events: American Craft Week Participant List. Just click on your state when you get to the list.


I’m not sure which of these excites me more: realizing that artisans are receiving recognition for being an important part of our society and our economy, or looking at the photos on these websites and realizing just how many beautiful handcrafted items are out there. The talent people have amazes me! It really makes me want to see just how much more I can learn and how far I can push my abilities.


Speaking of celebrating artisans, we are heading into a great time to do just that. A few days ago I mentioned to my husband that we had three months left until Christmas. He grumbled something to the effect of “Yeah, I saw someone posted something about there being 100 days left until Christmas a few days ago on Facebook.” I kindly informed him that was me. You might think I’m a little crazy for thinking about Christmas this early as well, but that’s okay. However, this holiday season, I encourage you to consider giving handcrafted gifts if you can. For those people who you never know what to get because they have everything, trust me, they can’t possibly have some of the handcrafted items out there. If you need suggestions for people to talk to about various handcrafted items, please let me know because I just might have a connection.


Thanks for stopping by!



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