Porchwalk Recap

This past weekend was the Lititz Artisans’ Porchwalk in Lititz, PA. This is generally regarded as a pretty good show and has great attendance. This year was full of high quality artisans but the attendance wasn’t quite what we expected; however, it was still a great show overall.

Here is a photo of my set up:


As a returning vendor, I was given the choice between a space inside in the garage and a space outside. I chose the space inside with the thought that I wouldn’t have to worry about setting up my canopy, and I wouldn’t have to worry about wind. These definitely were positive points for the weekend; however, I learned that all positives have a negative or two as well. On Friday it was very breezy and one of the vendors outside had a lot of difficulty keeping her canopy from blowing away. For this reason, I was grateful I was inside. If I had been outside I would have had to lay all of my jewelry down or else it would have blown over in the wind.

On the flip side of the coin, the vendors who were outside were able to experience sunshine for most of the weekend. The garage was quite chilly and damp. On Friday it was chilly in the garage and outside too in spite of the sunshine.

Something else I learned is that even though I didn’t have to contend with the wind, the garage was a little darker than what I would have liked it to be. If I’m in there next year, I will try to hook up some small spotlights to help customers see the jewelry better. I had several customers who had to take pieces out into the sunlight in order to see the colors of the stones more clearly.

It certainly wasn’t a bad weekend. Even at slower shows, I’m able to make connections and talk to people. I love to learn about what people like and don’t like in their jewelry even if they don’t buy anything. It’s fun to know whether I’m on target with other folks interests or if I’m out on my own in my designs.

So I lived a little, learned a little, laughed a little, and loved a little this weekend. For those who came out, I thank you so very much for your support even though it was cold. For others, I hope to see you very soon. If you are in the Lancaster County area, I will be at the Manheim Classic Car Cruise-In this Saturday, October 20, on Market Square in Manheim from 10AM until 2PM. The men can check out the cars and we can have our own ladies corner.

For now, thanks for stopping by!


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