Finding Your Inspiration

Okay, I’ll admit it…I walked through the holiday aisles in Michaels today. I know Christmas is still more than two months away, but I make most of my gifts, so I need to start buying materials in order to give myself enough time to make things. If it’s any help, I ended up buying supplies to make a fall wreath. The beauty of stores putting out their holiday merchandise now means fall merchandise is on sale and I can still use it for a few weeks! The wreath materials cost me all of $5! Here it is:

It’s simple, but it fits the style of our house very well.

As I was walking through Michaels trying to figure out how to make a pretty wreath using the least expensive materials I could find, I got to thinking about something a customer said to me this past Saturday afternoon. As she was looking at my jewelry, she commented, “All of you people are so talented. I wish I had something to call talent.” I replied, “There has to be something you are good at doing,” to which she informed me everything she tries to do ends up in a mess or doesn’t turn out right. I suggested she start with a small project and work on it little by little instead of trying to get the project done all at once. I went on to suggest that maybe crafting isn’t her thing; perhaps cooking or working with people comes to her more naturally. Sadly, she insisted she was not good at anything.

Perhaps this lady and I were raised differently, or perhaps she has had so many things fail on her that she now has trouble imagining something actually working, but I really think every person is good at something, it’s just a matter of finding that something. It might not be anything Earth-shattering, but it’s something.

Far too often we try something and if it doesn’t work the first time, we throw it away and give up hope. Sadly, that’s not going to get us anywhere. I will admit I have my moments when I try to do that, but I am also extremely determined most of the time and I will go back and try to finish what I was working on even if it’s not perfect.

So I was thinking about this customer as I was walking through Michaels, and I couldn’t help but wonder how many people out there feel like her. I know I did until a few years ago and I still do on occasion. I got to thinking about her because I was trying to piece together a wreath without any idea of what I wanted it to look like. I was just picking things out and hoped they would work. Someone might tell me I can do that because I am creative. Maybe I am. I also am willing to play with things and figure them out as I go along. According to my elementary school report cards (yes, I still have those), my teachers worried about my lack of creativity. Determination paid off I suppose.

So what am I trying to say? First, don’t tell me you aren’t good at anything without expecting a debate to ensue. Second, practice makes perfect. Don’t continue trying things and giving up on them right away if they don’t work out. Who knows, maybe you can make the “mess” into something other than what you intended and still have a great finished product. Lastly, I believe everyone has some sort of talent and there are too many people out there who are not achieving their full potential. I understand if finances are stopping you, but perhaps there is some other way to do it, or a cheaper alternative. Whatever it is, work on it. Perfect it. Enjoy it.

Now what are you going to do?

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: If you are in the Lancaster County area this weekend, I invite you to stop by the Manheim Cruisin’ the Square Car and Motorcycle Show on Manheim’s Market Square. I read they are expecting over 200 vehicles! To give the ladies something to do while the men talk cars, I’ll be there with my jewelry. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend!


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