Emerald – Color of the Year

If you have read any of my other posts, you are probably fully aware of the fact that I love color. It’s great in clothing, in home decorating, and in jewelry. In spite of my love for it, I don’t wear it nearly as much as I should. I need to work on that.

Before I get off topic, the reason I’m bringing up color is because I wanted to let you know about Pantone’s color of the year in case you haven’t heard about it yet. For a quick background, Pantone is considered the world’s authority on color. They create color systems, dictate color trends throughout the fashion industry and every year they designate a “color of the year.” This year’s color is emerald.

Emerald is typically associated with the gemstone of the same name. Generally, these are thought of as a dark green stone, but looking at the color swatches Pantone has put out for emerald, the hue they chose for color of the year is lighter than I was expecting. As I look through their website, they are indicating that as long as you are in some variation of the green color you will be safe, so it gives you a little space to work with if you want to be on trend in the color world.

Where I am it has been quite cold for some time now and I’m eagerly awaiting spring and warm weather. Looking at Pantone’s site is not helping me. Emerald is a very spring-like color as they are depicting it. Go on over and check it out… Pantone – Emerald

Just in case you still have leftover clothing from last year’s trend of tangerine tango, I don’t think all is lost. I think tangerine and emerald go well together, in moderation of course. (Please note, I’m not advocating changing your wardrobe each year to fit in with each yearly color trend.)

According to Pantone, green has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years. This is due to the fact that it can complement almost any person, especially if it is the right shade of green. It is a great color for clothing (both men and women), jewelry, and home decorating. This may be because green is considered to be a color of balance. It symbolizes harmony and growth and it is supposed to protect its wearer against fears.

I really like the color green, I especially like this shade of green. It is so spring-like and it somehow gives the impression it would put its wearer in a cheerful mood. Perhaps it would do that because it is spring-like and I am ready for spring. I think I will have to keep an eye out for clothing in this color as the months get warmer. I’ll also have to do some digging for beads in this color. I do have one set I really like, but it’s not quite the right hue. What do you think?






Do you have anything that fits the emerald color? I’d love to see it! Thanks for stopping by!


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