Manheim’s Artist’s Alley

Artists Alley

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I did a Google search for “’Artist’s Alley’ Manheim” and 6 out of the 10 results were links to pages I wrote. That did not help my situation.


If you have been following along here for the past year, you might recall my writings about Artist’s Alley last year. It’s a small craft show featuring artists from within the zip code where I live. Last year was the first year for the show and given it was the first year and it was small, it was a nice show. So nice, they have decided to do it again this year.


The reason I found myself searching for this show was because I was being interviewed via e-mail by a local newspaper and I wanted to give the reporter some information based on last year’s shows. I forget whether I changed the apostrophe location or what I changed, but I did end up finding the information I needed and was able to help the reporter.


As a side note, I have reduced the number of shows I am doing this year so I can work on a bigger project. However, one of the shows I am doing is Artist’s Alley in Manheim, PA. It might not have been my most successful set of shows, but it was fun. I enjoyed the smaller size because it gave me a chance to get to know the other artisans and the customers better. I didn’t feel lost in a sea of people.


I’m not sure who will be there for sure this year, but last year, we had my jewelry, a potter, stained glass, pen-and-ink, a photographer, and a few others. The idea was to have one artist per style of artwork so there wasn’t as much competition. As a jewelry designer, I really appreciated this because some shows have had so much jewelry I have overheard customers say “Oh, it’s just another jewerly stand.” (I’m not kidding.)


Another feature of this show is Stiegel Glassworks 1976. This is a working glass blowing studio and they do demonstrations throughout the show. I think you can even work with them to make your own piece. Check them out here: Stiegel Glassworks 1976


One of the things I like about this show verses the huge craft shows is it doesn’t feel corporate. Even though the large shows are full of small businesses just like me, there is something about them that makes it overwhelming and it feels corporate for lack of a better way to put it. The smaller shows really drive home the feeling of small locally owned businesses.


Artist’s Alley will be held on two days this year and they will run from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM both days. The days are Sunday, May 5, and Sunday, September 29. The May 5 show was scheduled to coincide with Mothers’ Day the following weekend. This is a great opportunity to find a one-of-a-kind item for the person you never know what to get. As an added bonus, it’s locally made!


The show is located at the Manheim Railroad Station, 210 South Charlotte Street, Manheim, PA 17545. This is just up the road from Lancaster, the next town over from Lititz, and across the street from a great restaurant called The Cats Meow.


If you are in the area, mark your calendar and make a day of it!



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