A New Adventure

For some time now I have been working on a new project with the intent of taking my jewelry in a slightly different direction. It’s time to create a niche product, or a jewelry line all my own. I have previously written about my love of all things American made and perhaps I have even hinted at my dream of creating an all American made jewelry line. This project is the first step in helping me to accomplish that dream.


With funding as my first major obstacle, I have turned to the internet to raise money for this project, which will be an extension of my current jewelry business, Gretchen Smith Jewelry. My goal is to raise enough money to buy the tools and supplies I need to get the line started and I will sell the finished jewelry through my website and possibly through local shops.


The project is set up through Kickstarter.com and it works on a concept called “crowdfunding.” Crowdfunding is different from standard financing because it reaches out to the public for support instead of specific investors.


Kickstarter is the ideal funding route for this project because it allows me to connect with a network of people who are as enthusiastic about small businesses as I am. It also allows me to reach out and connect with the growing network of businesses creating American made products.


In line with the Kickstarter.com guidelines, I have a set number of days to raise the funds I need or I do not receive any funding. For this project, I have a 30 day window from start to finish to reach my goal of $1,500. If the goal is not reached by June 12, all pledges are cancelled and the project will not be funded. If the goal is reached by June 12, I will receive the funding to start the new jewelry line and all financial backers who have pledged amounts over $20.00 will receive one of my new jewelry designs as a thank you for their support.


My dear readers, I do not like going around asking for money, but I encourage you to check out my project at the link below. I also ask that you pass the information and link onto your connections. Let’s see if we can get another American made business out there.

Here is the link: American Made Materials for American Made Jewelry

Thank you for stopping by!



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