An American Challenge

I am always looking for ways to learn and as I move forward with my American Made Kickstarter project, I am certainly learning a lot.


One thing I learned after having a professional crowdfunding advisor review my project is the “Made in America” tag is still not as popular as one would think. He explained to me that as much as people appreciate the idea of an item being made in America, when it comes down to it, they are more concerned about quality. Beyond that, when it comes to buying art and craft items, not only are they looking for quality, they are looking for something unique. He has a very valid point. I know there have been “Made in America” items which my husband and I decided not to buy because the quality wasn’t very good. We’d like something that is made in America, but we need something that lasts and that is the consensus of most Americans.


Building on this is something else I have learned. Perhaps I find it more of an interesting concept verses a learning moment. I have been searching for other bloggers who write about Made in America products. Many of the websites I’m coming across use the word “challenge” in their title. This got me wondering, why challenge?


For starters, challenge can be a verb or a noun. As a noun, it’s “a call to take part in a contest” (according to; it is also used to define something that is difficult to do. As a verb, it means “inviting someone to engage in a contest.”


Currently, it is a challenge to buy American made because we have sent so much of our manufacturing overseas. It is difficult to find items with the “Made in America” tag on them.


At the same time, groups are challenging us to give the concept of buying American made a try. They are challenging us to sift through the racks and shelves to find the tags. They are challenging us to purchase something that was made in America rather than overseas even if it might be more expensive. We are being challenged to do our part to support the local and national economy and really consider each purchase before we make it.


Are you up for the challenge? Do you ever find yourself checking tags in hopes of seeing “Made in the USA?” It’s interesting to try it and to see how much you can find.


Switching back to my original learning experience in all of this, I wonder how many people set out for American made items and find them to be more expensive or of lesser quality which leads them to buy something from overseas. I certainly understand going for quality over “Made in USA,” so this is an interesting concept for me. Maybe this is something American manufacturers need to keep in mind. This is an interesting time we live in. Quality and price take precedence over loyalty. Businesses need to focus on this in order to maintain loyalty and be successful.


Next time you go shopping I challenge you to compare tags. Investigate where things are made and compare quality. Which one do you prefer? Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t go American although I encourage you to try.


Speaking of, if you haven’t checked out my Kickstarter project, please check it out and pass the information along to your friends… Handcrafted Jewelry from American Made Materials


Thanks for stopping by!

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