A Long Awaited Return

For quite some time now I have been telling myself, and folks around me, that I would be getting back into my jewelry this year. I took a break last year due to a job change. I wasn’t sure how much time I would have and wanted to focus on getting some things back in order. The problem with taking a break from something is that it can be hard to get back into it. “I don’t have time right now” has been a phrase I have frequently used. I know I need to work on my jewelry, I want to work on my jewelry, but “I don’t have time.”

As I grow older, the one thing I have learned is the importance of eliminating the phrase “I don’t have time” from my vocabulary. It must be changed to “I will make time.” I know it sounds cliche, but if we don’t say “I will make time” (and actually follow through with it), we will have an entire list of “I wish I had…” when we finally get to the point where we are unable to do anything about it.

This weekend I was able to make time (being snowed in helped) to work on the jewelry. I was able to price some pieces that have been sitting on my desk for a month or two and also create and price some new pieces. Now the key will be to make time to photograph them and list them on Etsy!

Something else I need to work on is setting goals for this jewelry business. I have applied to several larger craft shows this year and if I get into them,  I’m going to need a lot of inventory. I think having goals will help me to focus on creating inventory piece by piece so I’m ready to go when the shows come. I have only been accepted into one of them, but I’d rather be prepared than regretful.

Below you will see the pieces that were created this weekend. The earrings shapes were created several weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. I sat and played with them for a bit this weekend, and these were the results. I’m very happy with them. I’m working on changing my style of jewelry and all of these pieces fall right in line with what I’m looking to do.


I’m looking forward to getting back into this adventure. Thanks for stopping by!


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