Developing A Design

When I first started this jewelry business I tried to focus on color…lots of color. I used a lot of large gemstone beads such as amazonite, amethyst, agate, quartz, and even wood. However, as time went on I found that this wasn’t me. To be honest, I have never loved large chunky jewelry for more than an accent piece here and there. I like simple lines and refined styling. With this in mind, I started to create metal jewelry. These pieces were and are primarily sterling silver and/or copper and are occasionally accented by gemstone beads.

The one difference between the metal jewelry and the beaded jewelry is that the metal jewelry can progress. When I made a beaded piece, I would lay out the beads, put them together and called it “done.” The metal pieces generally don’t work that way and I have grown to love that aspect of them. I often have an idea for a shape that would look good in a piece and I create it not knowing what the finished piece will actually look like. Sometimes I don’t even know whether it will be a necklace or a pair of earrings. After I create it, I start playing with it in different designs to figure out how I want to use it. More components are added and eventually I end up with the final piece of jewelry.

I did this recently and really surprised myself. I wanted to create a simple cuff bracelet, so I took some heavy gauged wire and formed it into the bracelet. After it was “complete,” it felt as though something was missing. I kept the bracelet on my desk for several days, looking at it every day trying to think of what it needed. After about a week, it hit me. I had one random large jasper bead I thought would look perfect on the bracelet. Because of the bracelet’s design, I was able to easily add components to it. I wrapped the jasper bead onto the bracelet and then it was complete. The bead added just a little “pop” to the bracelet while keeping it simple and elegant.

Here is the bracelet to start:


Here it is with the addition of one bead:

IMG_6976 IMG_6977

What do you think? I think the bead really changed the bracelet and added some life to it. This hasn’t been listed on my Etsy site yet, but if you are interested in it I can make that happen.

Do you create? Have you ever created something you thought was almost perfect only to add details to it later to make it truly perfect?

Thanks for stopping by!


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