My Portable Shop

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am redesigning my craft show booth (otherwise known as my portable shop) this year. It’s quite exciting, really.

I decided to ask my husband for his assistance with this task because he has a graphic design background. He is much better at designing visual layouts for things than I am.

I wanted something vintage-y and wind-resistant. With those ideas, my husband suggested I go with a 1920s general store look using wood boxes and crates. My jewelry displays can go in the wood boxes so they are protected from the wind and the boxes would double for storage and transportation. Yup, that would be perfect!

I already had a few crates I’ve been using, but I didn’t have any legitimately old boxes or crates, so we went out in search of some. This is what we found:


As an added bonus, I found a little tin to keep my business cards in:


This is a rough layout I put together in preparation for my first show:


I’m sure I’ll have photos to share with you after my first show so you can see how it worked out. I’m already looking forward to the first show!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!


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