Building My Theme

In my last post I mentioned that my new layout is going to have a 1920s flair to it. While my jewelry doesn’t necessarily fit the 1920s style, I think it will all blend together quite well.

If you have been following me for awhile or have been to any of my shows, you might be familiar with Pearl:


When I started making jewelry, I wanted something in my display that would get people talking. I thought a mannequin would add a little color, a little texture, and a little “oh that’s different” to the booth. Then I found Pearl and I knew she could get people talking. She has since gone on and become my logo:

Logo 4.12.12

Pearl is designed to look like a 1920s flapper, so I decided to build on that. The 1920s were a time of prosperity in the United States thanks to some national and global changes that occurred as a result of World War I. A number of these changes helped women to redefine their role in United States. Women always had natural beauty and an internal drive to succeed, but now they were allowed to show it off.

This is where Gretchen Smith Jewelry comes in. Each piece is one of a kind, just like every woman and it is designed to accent a woman’s natural beauty. There is an elegant simplicity about my style that allows a woman to show off a little, just like the ladies of the 1920s. Because of this, I felt it was only appropriate to tie my display into this time period when women were making a name for themselves.

So go out and have a little fun. And if you think your outfit needs a little spark beyond your natural beauty, Pearl might be able to assist you.



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