Catching Up

Hello! This week has been quite adventure-filled and full of blessings though, so I’m a happy lady.

My first adventure this week was cleaning up my workspace. Here’s how it started:


And here’s how it ended:


The room seems significantly larger now. Hopefully, this will make it more pleasant to work in.

The next adventure was in signage. I have two signs: a large one to hang on my canopy and a small one to sit on a table. Both of them had outdated logos and information.

I created a new small one myself:


This had my old logo and information on it, and was easily updated with the help of Modge Podge.

The big sign was a different adventure. I’ve been using a vinyl banner for several years. Instead of investing in a new one every few years, I decided to go to a professional sign company. I now have a light-weight metal sign that should last many years:


The last adventure for this week is still in process. I’m preparing for my first show of the year, the Lancaster ArtWalk. Traditionally, this show has primarily been a tour of the art galleries in downtown Lancaster, PA. This year one of the buildings on the tour will be hosting 20 local artisans/crafters. This area is called the Lancaster Made Arts Market. I have seen the work of the other artisans who will be with me and there is no doubt I will be surrounded by some serious talent. I’m thrilled!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some photos of the show to share with you next week! For now, I hope you have a beautiful night!

Thanks for stopping by!


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